Tips & Advice

  • One can expect a lot of people on the river in July and August. To experience a solitude trip, plan to come through the week or in the off-season.
  • We recommend only 2 people per canoe. If you have an odd number, try a recreational solo kayak. Children under 13 years old are required by law to wear their lifejacket.
  • During launching and landing carry all vessels rather than dragging them on the ground. Leave extra gear behind that you do not need. Never stand up on tubes or in canoes. Tying canoes or kayaks together is dangerous and is not advised. Do not tie more than 5 tubes together.
  • Paddles are used to steer your canoe and kayak, but in order to steer a tube you must get off and push or pull it away from any obstacle, or back into the main channel. Remember that the current is swift and the river bottom is rocky, sandy, and slippery. We do not recommend taking babies or young toddlers on the river.
  • When landing canoes or kayaks don’t hit the bank nose first. Come in parallel to the bank. Carry vessels off to the side away from the landing to keep the access clear.  When landing tubes make sure you unsnap them, drain the water, and then carry the tubes to the top of the landing site. Do not leave tubes in the ramp. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated by your fellow floaters.
  • Do not take anything you do not want to get wet or lost. Use floatable water proof bags for cameras, snacks, keys & clothes. Pack all food and beverages in your cooler. Bring trash bags and use them as needed. Bring rope or bungee straps to secure your cooler to the vessel. Just as important is to bring sunscreen, bug spray, and wear some form of water shoes that you don’t mind getting wet. PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY GLASS OR STYROFOAM!
  • If hiking, please stay on the trails, being careful not to trample vegetation. Watch closely for poison ivy, poison oak, rattle snakes and ticks. Do not climb on cliffs as most of the rock is very unstable and could result in injury.
  • Be prepared in case of rain or cool weather, most people still float in light rain. We reserve the right to cancel or delay any trip due to severe or threatening weather. We will issue a rain check to be used later in this season if you are not able to go on your scheduled date.
  • There are no lifeguards on the river. There are National Park Service Rangers on the water occasionally. If you need assistance don’t hesitate to ask them for help. Take an I.D. of some kind and secure it in a safe place.
  • Take advantage of one of our services and we will provide you with a detailed map to point out safety hazards and provide you with directions to hidden waterfalls and scenic nature hikes.