Canoeing provides you with the ability to be in control of where you float while covering more miles at a leisurely pace. The Niobrara is a Class I and Class II River depending on the time of year you float. Very little paddling is required. Basically you just need to steer the canoe to keep it going straight with the current. Paddling can get you to either side of the river or the chance to hit those fun spots. We use both Osage (aluminum) and Old Town Canoes (polyethylene SuperLink 3) along with Carlisle paddles. All canoes are 17’ with two seats. A third person such as a small child can ride in the middle. However, we do not recommend three adults in one canoe because of safety issues, and the fact that balance, weight and mobility are all negatively affected. The more weight you have in a canoe the greater chance of hitting rocks and  tipping over.  Wearing old tennis shoes or any type of water shoe is important. Type III Coast Guard Approved vest-type life jackets and paddles are provided. State law requires life jackets to be in the canoe with you and children 12 years and younger must wear their life jackets at all times while in the canoe. During your safety orientation, a 7 minute canoe safety video is available for viewing, plus a river map is provided and reviewed. Before you begin your trip, canoeing instructions are available.


Prices are subject to change without notice.

# of Days


1 Day Canoe Trip

$70 plus tax

2 Day Canoe Trip

$140 plus tax

  • For 3rd person in canoe 10 years and older add $20 each day.
  • If you are launching from Berry Bridge, there is an additional $5 launching fee per canoe and $8 parking fee.
  • All other launching and landing fees, plus user fee permits (wrist bands for Ft. Niobrara Nat'l Wildlife Refuge) are included in rental price if applicable to that segment of the river.

An extra child in a canoe under 10 will be charged a $1 user fee (wrist band) if floating through Fort Niobrara Wildlife Refuge.